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LTC4 Training Providers

LTC4 Training Providers are committed to helping LTC4 establish an industry standard for technology competence. As members of LTC4, they have access to the core competencies and may be able to assist their clients with achieving LTC4 certification.


Core Competency(ies):  All 10 Core Competencies

Capensys is a full-service technology training company for law firms and law departments. Capensys are experts in lawyer learning, user adoption, change management and up-skilling.

Their expertise includes helping clients understand and effectively communicate the business benefits of improving user skill levels. Using a goal-based approach they show clients how to tie technology training to business and user goals, and help them deliver targeted, workflow-based training and skills measurement. By increasing lawyer and staff technology proficiency they help clients increase efficiency, become more competitive and profitable and establish a culture of continuous improvement.

They offer online learning, skills measurement, just-in-time training delivery tools, Learning Management Systems, Rollout training and floor support and consulting services.

iTrain Legal

Core Competency(ies):  Working with Legal Documents, Managing Documents and E-mails and Collaborating with Others

iTrain Legal are legal IT training specialists. The iTrain Legal team has over 50 years of combined experience providing in-house training, strategy and consultancy services to law firms. iTrain Legal are committed to providing learners with the highest quality IT and legal industry training, irrespective of their background, skills or experience.

iTrain Legal deliver on-site training and floor-walking support, ensuring that the experience is tailored to the needs of your business. iTrain Legal also offer training consultancy, project management, e-learning modules and training resources – all of which can incorporate your company’s branding. We take the time to learn about your business to ensure that sessions all offer “real world” examples.

To learn more about iTrain Legal visit:


Core Competency(ies):  All 10 Core Competencies

TutorPro has been a leading expert in the legal training and legal eLearning industry for almost 30 years. Their team of experts have experience in law firms and legal departments, in roles that include training and legal IT management. Their solutions are used by global law firms, law schools, learning vendors, and corporations world-wide. TutorPro provides a Learning Management System developed for the global legal sector and legal specific Off-the-Shelf eLearning. TutorPro also has a proprietary content creation tool called Live Content Studio, the only solution available for creating eLearning and assessments delivered live, in-application, across multiple applications.

TutorPro delivers LTC4 assessments using their unique Live Content Studio. As a Vendor Member with access to the Core Competencies, they have already split them out into manageable assessments for the learner to complete. They understand that whether you are a law firm, law school, or in-house counsel, these matrices need tailoring to your specific environment. Their team is able to work with you and make this a seamless process. This is always done in the knowledge that any customization must be acceptable to LTC4. In the event that one of your candidates demonstrates a knowledge gap during assessment they have TutorPro Off-The-Shelf Courseware mapped and ready to help them close the gap.

To learn more about TutorPro’s LTC4 Solutions  email [email protected] or visit for more information.

LTC4 Application Development/Professional Services Providers

Application development providers have access to the core competencies, applicable to their products, to assist in developing their applications or consulting services in compliance with LTC4 industry standards. LTC4’s goal is to ensure that legal applications are developed for how people work.


DocsCorp is a leading provider of productivity software for document management professionals worldwide. Their offices and products span the globe with over 250,000 users in 32 countries. Their clients are well known and respected global brands that rely on DocsCorp for their technology needs.

Docscorp’s mission is to provide document professionals who use enterprise content management systems with integrated, easy-to-use software and services that extend document processing, review, manipulation and publishing workflows inside and outside their environment to drive business efficiency and to increase the value of their existing technology investment.


Core Competency(ies):  Time and Billing

Tikit is one of the largest suppliers of technology solutions and services to legal and accountancy firms, and is part of BT Group. Tikit’s client list totals more than 1,450 firms globally, including 90 of the UK’s top 100 law firms, 250 US law firms, 12 of the top 20 European law firms and 18 of the UK’s top 50 accountancy firms.

Tikit Carpe Diem is the winner of the 2015 LTN Innovation Award in the ‘best time and billing’ category and is among the most widely used timekeeping solutions available. It has defined how timekeepers around the world capture, record and track billable time for over 20 years, and has more than 100,000 users in law firms worldwide.
Tikit is a complete technology partner offering a broad portfolio that includes software solutions, IT outsourcing, communication, networks and hosting. Tikit develops their own software and have long-standing relationships with other top best-of-breed providers, and they match this expertise with a reputation for excellent customer service.