• LTC4 Announces Expedited Certifications 22nd November 2017
    The demand for LTC4 Certification is growing, and so is the demand for accelerated turnaround for Course Mapping Verification and Certification Applications. LTC4 is proud to announce Expedited Course Mapping Verification or Certification Application Review for a small administrative fee of $450.00. This expedited service guarantees a 2-week turnaround time for both Course Mapping Verifications […]
  • LTC4 Core Competencies and Certification – No Mystery and Real Value! 17th November 2017
    The cost of LTC4 Membership is miniscule when you consider the value.  There were initially "free" firms who created the core competencies.  Now, all LTC4 members get cumulative renewal discounts and discounts for every volunteer effort. LTC4 core competencies were created by 46 firms across 3 countries by 95 IT, training, HR and legal professionals. […]
  • LTC4 Welcomes Ward Hadaway 16th November 2017
    A Northern Law Firm for National Business, Ward Hadaway is one of the UK's Top 100 law firms and a major player in the North of England with offices in Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester.  The firm employs more than 470 staff, with over 80 partners, offering a full range of legal services to clients across […]
  • Foot Anstey Joins LTC4 14th November 2017
    LTC4 is happy to welcome our newest law firm member, Foot Anstey.  Foot Anstey is among the UK's top 100 law firms, with over 45 partners and 500 staff.  Growing organically through their bold, agile strategy that has attracted the attention of the industry; they have been named in numerous awards that include the British […]
  • Capensys Assessments for the LTC4 Core Competency "Working with Clients" Has Been Approved 20th October 2017
    LTC4 is pleased to announce that Vendor Member Capensys’s assessments for the LTC4 Core Competency “Working with Clients (CRM)” have now been approved. Vendor Members of LTC4 have privileged access to our core competencies, just like our law firm members. Approval of a set of assessments by our certification pod is only granted after a […]
    LTC4 are pleased to announce that Peggy Wechsler has become the first LTC4 LION. LTC4 Lions are legal technology professionals who have been invited to form an Advisory Council to assist the Board with the strategic direction of LTC4. Read More Here
  • Prospective Members Webinar Recording 2nd October 2017
    If you were unable to attend our recent webinar for prospective members, please feel free to view the recording. Learn about how the organization started, its core competency learning plans developed and were reviewed by legal for legal, and how it can help your firm improve tech skills and gain competitive advantage.   View the webinar […]
  • LTC4 Global Member Meeting on September 28, 2017, 5:15 pm BST 29th September 2017
    LTC4 is pleased to host another webinar for all of our members across the world on September 28, 2017, 5:15 pm BST.    Register here:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/424350300694609153 for an opportunity to find out what YOUR organization is doing and how you and your firm can benefit from being members.   Our agenda will be based around […]
  • LTC4 Prospective Members Webinar: What is LTC4 and How Can Joining Benefit Me and My Firm? 28th September 2017
    Register here:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2520387799631766785 to join us for a webinar on September 28, 2017 at 4:15 pm BST.   Learn about how the organization started, its core competency learning plans developed and reviewed by legal for legal, and how it can help your firm improve tech skills and gain competitive advantage.  In this webinar, the LTC4 chair […]
  • LTC4 Approves Tikit’s Training Assessment for Time and Billing Competency 23rd September 2017
    Tikit has announced training plans for its timekeeping application have been mapped to LTC4’s Time & Billing and the development of an assessment that LTC4 member firms can administer to their users after attending training to include with their certification application. Read More Here.