LTC4 Membership Information

Law Firm, Legal Department and Law School Membership:

Members receive the Core Competencies and access to the best practices that originate from the group. The benefits and commitments are specified below. The subscription membership is on a firm-wide basis.


Vendor Membership:

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information about Vendor Membership.


Membership Benefits

  • Access to the Core Competencies (in Word/Excel format) and any on-going work product
  • Members may train to these Core Competencies using any type of product or method
  • Access to the LTC4 website (up to 5 sign-ins) for the following online resources:
    • Core Competencies
    • Up-skilling best practices
    • A members forum for feed-back, new ideas, new technologies, etc.
  • Participation in:
    • Local chapter (east coast/west coasts/UK) events/seminars
    • Quarterly webinars to discuss upcoming workflows and Core Competencies
    • Annual conferences of all LTC4 members
  • Members may submit suggestions to refine existing core competencies or create new core competencies